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Appeals Procedure

On 10-11 June 2019, the Council of the CYQAA in its 43rd summit adopted the following Appeals Procedure which elaborates on article 20(2) (g) (i) of the Law:

  1. An appeal can be submitted to the Council of the CYQAA within one month from receipt of the decision of rejection.
  2. The Agency’s Council shall decide to either accept the appeal or reject it, considering it unsubstantiated or/ evidently based on grounds violating the Law.
  3. If the Council decides to accept the appeal appoints a three-member Advisory Committee of Experts (ACE) which examines the grounds of the appeal. For the appointment of the Advisory Committee the Agency utilizes a pool of experts who contribute their expertise to the examination of appeals within their specific academic and/or professional field. The appeal may only be based on those facts which are contained in the institutions’ files and the Council’s minutes. The members of the Advisory Committee sign the declaration of Absence of Conflict of Interest.
  4. The Advisory Committee’s examination shall be carried out based on the data contained in the evaluation file of the institution and the grounds set out in the appeal.
  5. In case of lack of relevant information or need for clarification, the Advisory Committee may request further information from the Agency.
  6. The Advisory Committee submits its report to the Council, within one month from the receipt of the file, containing the grounds of the appeal, the corresponding data available in the institution’s file and its justified observations in the light of the available evidence.
  7. The Agency edits its final decision within two months from the receipt of the appeal and the institution has no right to submit a new appeal. The decisions of the Agency are subject to appeal to the Court only.