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Integrated Master's Degree Accredited Programmes

1. Higher Education Integrated Master's Degree Programmes evaluated/accredited by the Agency
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Institution TypeInst/tionProgramme of StudyDegreeCodeRef. NumberDate of Appl/tionCYQAA SummitCom/ment of Accr/tionAccr/tion ExpiresLanguage of instructionCommentsExternal Ev/tion ReportInst/tion CmntsCYQAA ReportsCourse Distr/tion
2. Private UniversityFrederick University (Nicosia)Architectural Engineering (5 academic years, 300 ECTS, Integrated Master)Integrated Master107.14.318.01429-09-2019S68 - 14 and 15 June 2021Fall Semester 2021-2022Spring Semester 2026Greek / English
1. Public UniversityUniversity of CyprusArchitecture (5 academic years, 300 ECTS, Integrated Master)Integrated Master107.14.290.02512-07-2018S42 - 13 and 14 May 2019Fall Semester 2019 - 2020Spring Semester 2024Greek